Business Information Report

How Do You Use It?
? Access PAYDEX? to easily understand past payment behavior and financial stability
? Verify that a business exists and check its size and purpose
? Review the background of owners and key employees
? Identify company payment patterns and financial trends
? Includes legal information to research possible fraud

What’s included?
? Business Summary, History, Special Events, Government & Operations Data
? Payment History and Payment Trends
? Financial Statements (when available)
? Public Record Filings
? Credit Limit Recommendation
? D&B Rating
? PAYDEX? score
? Industry Comparison
? Corporate Family Tree

The DunTrade? Program of D&B

Insight into the payment behaviour of your business relations.

Shared experience provides you with information and insight. D&B developed the unique DunTrade? Program to obtain an insight into the payment problems of your business partners. The DunTrade? Program collects payment information from companies monthly. This gives you a better idea of the likelihood of a company succeeding or becoming insolvent. And that’s essential information.

How does the Dun-Trade? Program work?
The Dun-Trade? Program works in a fairly simple manner. Every month, the program’s participants make their relevant payment data available to D&B. This is done in a completely automatic and simple manner. Participants are therefore not involved in complex processes. These data are then fed into the D&B database and added to existing records.

How many companies are connected to the Dun-Trade? Program?
Globally, more than 14,000 companies provide details of their payment experiences to D&B. These companies are known as Trade Partners. D&B annually processes details of around 400 million payment experiences globally and has details of more than 175 million unique experiences to aid your credit decisions. No other data supplier in the world has such extensive and varied payment data. The data are used to calculate the D&B Payment Score which you will find in every D&B Business Information Report.

Become a Trade Partner too
Being a Trade Partner gives you unique benefits; you receive access to the Dun-Trade database and payment analyses completely free of charge. The database is enhanced by your information and that of others. The provider’s identity is never revealed. Watch?a demo?on?the Trade Partner website.

As a Trade Partner, you can:

  • Ascertain how quickly your customers pay you in comparison with other suppliers.
  • Identify customers with a slow payment history and take the necessary measures in good time.
  • Identify the payment behaviour of all the customers in your customer database.

What is Paydex?

The D&B PAYDEX is a unique, dollar weighted indicator of a business’ payment performance based on the total number of payment experiences in D&B’s file. The D&B PAYDEX ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating better payment performance.

Payment experiences are gathered by D&B from suppliers and vendors this firm does business with. Each experience reflects a different supplier and reflects how bills are met within relation to the terms granted.

Consumer Information Report

The Consumer Information Report contains information on a specific person as a result of a background check. This information includes:

? Identity and Background, including spouse if married
? Business Undertaking
? Shareholdings
? Other Business Affiliations
? Socio, Civic & Religious Organizations
? Bank References
? Negative Scan
? Declared Assets, such as motor vehicles, real estate properties, club shares

The CIR may be used for various purposes:

? Hire Right (pre-employment screening)
? Executive check
? Insurance coverage (life insurance, death claims)
? Credit / loan application
? Franchise application
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